Arne Hendriks and “The Incredible Shrinking Man”

On Friday 13th of January, Arne Hendriks will visit the Media, Arts & Design Faculty. Arne Hendriks is an artist, exhibition maker and initiator of “The Incredible Shrinking Man” and is primarily interested in analog behavioral patterns inspired by digital culture. On Friday, he will organise an interesting workshop on the possibilities and implications of downsizing the human species to better fit the earth.

The workshop can be framed within Hendriks’ speculative design research “The Incredible Shrinking Man” which focuses on the consequences of downsizing the human species to 50 centimeters:

It has been a long established trend for people to grow taller. As a direct result we need more energy, more food and more space. But what if we decided to turn this trend around? What if we use our knowledge to shrink mankind?

For more information on Arne Hendriks and “The Incredible Shrinking Man”, check out the website:


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