puntKom 21.10.2011: Susanna Hertrich


Susanna is a Paris-based artist that tells stories that contain a surreal imagination for the functionality of objects. Her works are evidence deriving from narratives that connect fiction and reality. Mundane artefacts, everyday situations or banal social acts are transformed into modes of expressions for naturally neglected desires, psychological dilemmas and secret fantasies. An obsessive fascination for machines and how we interact with these, leads her to building strange devices that open a gate to an alternative universe. Visualizing the invisible and celebrating moments of the Uncanny are recurring motifs. She often uses the language of products and her devices come with a clear directive — yet, their interpretation is completely left to the viewer. For more information on Susanna, see: http://www.susannahertrich.com/

So be sure to check out the puntKom next week. To register click here!


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